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We all know the best basketball league and its best players. The NBA is the maximum competition that a player can reach. We found stars who shone like Michael Jordan and who shine like Lebron James. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find stars in street basketball, and the best example is Grayson “The Professor” Boucher.

A Difficult Start

Street basketball player Grayson Boucher was born on June 10, 1984. He is 1.78 m tall and weighs 70 kg. He attended McNary High School and his college coach thought that although he was very capable, he was too young to compete. We know that in America a good school team is a great help in obtaining college scholarships, but this did not happen to California residents, however, he attended Chemeketa Community College and his skills and self-confidence have improved. Because he has the opportunity to enter the university gymnasium and participate regularly in competitions.

AND1 And The Birth Of The Professor

When the AND1 Mixtape Tour (the team he currently plays for) visited Portland, he started the world of streetball. Grayson and his brother participated in the game as spectators, but discovered that there was an open exam to participate in the tour, so he participated, and of course, earned a place on the team. In 2003, Boucher was placed on the map and named “Professor” by MC Duke (British rapper). He said that he “taught the players on the court.” Boucher soon rose to prominence in the marketing of the tour. More than 30 countries / regions entered the competition and appeared on 7 seasons of ESPN’s “Streetball.” It should be noted that it is the only goal of the team.

From The Courts To The Movies

Thanks to his skills and charisma, “Professor” was able to act and appeared in several films depicting basketball players who “like” him. He has appeared in the following films: Semi-Pro with Will Ferrell, played the title role in the novel “Ball Don’t Lie” of the same name, and played Spider-Man on the YouTube web series (the first episode caused great attention , got 14 million views on YouTube in one week), also launched the popular program “Super-Human Dribbling” (Super-Human Dribbling), the tutorial can be downloaded online, containing help to make the “teacher” a reality All exercises and exercises.

February 25, 2021

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