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Although soccer is the most popular sport in the world, it is not always the most popular in other countries. In places like Australia or the United States, what we call “soccer” there is called soccer, and their football is not played with 11 players or with your feet. If you are a sports enthusiast, don’t miss this article where I tell you the most unusual sports.

Chess Boxing

The game was created by Rubingh, but is actually in Enki Bilal’s original comic “FroidÉquateur”. The game includes a full boxing match and then another chess match at the end of the match. Since this turned out to be impractical, Rubingh developed the idea more deeply until it became a well-known competitive sport today, alternating rounds of boxing and chess, and further increasing the rules of the game.

Bike Polo

Bicipolo is a variant of polo, which can be used for cycling rather than horseback riding. Participants of both teams must use sticks to score goals in an arc on the rectangular field. The game was invented in 1891 by the Irishman Richard J. Mecredy. That same year, Scalp and CC Ohne Hast participated in the first cycling polo competition. In the late 19th century, the sport spread to the United Kingdom, the United States, and France, and the sport became widely known. The first international match was played between Ireland and England in 1901. This is an exhibition match at the London Olympics in 1908. The Irish team won the championship with 3 goals to 1 goal in the final against Germany.


The orientation originated in Scandinavia, and each participant took a personal or collective scheduled tour with the help of a map and a compass. The itinerary consists of departure, arrival and control. All three elements of this route are clearly on the ground. The controls are each location the participant must pass through, and they are displayed on each participant’s map and at the beginning and end. At the beginning of the game, the participants did not know the location of the controls. Usually there are different routes in the same event, depending on age, gender and skill level.


Blobing or Blob Jump is a water sport, usually performed in a lake, which includes sitting on top of a large inflatable bag, two or three people jump on the other end at the same time, and the first one bounces in the air and flies. Falls into the water at the end. The average size of the spot is 10 m long and 2 to 3 mm wide, and jumpers usually jump from about 5 meters. Practitioners wear helmets and life jackets to ensure safety, because falls can be very difficult.


Woodsman or Lumberjack. It is a competitive college co-ed sport in the United States, Canada, and elsewhere that uses various skills traditionally pertaining to forestry technology and educational training programs. In North America, the sport is currently divided into five regional parts: Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, South, Midwest, and West.


The official calcium rules were first published in 15801 by Giovanni de’Bardi, the Count of Florence. The difference with Carnival football is that it is more organized and less violent. Like the cemetery of ancient Rome, it is played by two teams of 27 players with hands and feet. Among these 27 players, 5. are goalkeepers and the object of the game is to score higher than the opposing team. To do this, a hole is placed on each side of the playing field, and the ball must be inserted into the hole, thus earning 2 points. On the other hand, if a shot is missed, the opponent’s team will get half a point. The size of the sports field is similar to the current soccer field, but it is covered in sand. Each game lasts 50 minutes and is supervised by eight referees: eight referees, six linesmen and a teacher on site,and the winner is the team with the highest score or the “awarded” team.


Canicross is an established discipline in our country, with a long tradition in Europe, which includes a dog with a belt around the waist and a shooting line connected to the dog’s harness. It is usually practiced on land, although sometimes it can be practiced in snow, in this case if it is soft snow run with snowshoes, if it is hard run with shoes.

Grass bowling

Lawn bowling is a precision sport whose goal is to roll balls with a slightly asymmetrical radius, so that they are as close as possible to the smaller white balls. It is played on grass or artificial surfaces outdoors, or on artificial surfaces indoors.


Raquetball is a mixed sport recognized by the International Olympic Committee. It is similar to squash in that it can also be played on a completely enclosed court with four walls and a roof. The player uses a short fist and a wide-headed racket to hit a rubber ball on the wall and ceiling. The ball must not touch the ground before reaching the front wall. The purpose of the game is to serve or hit the ball so that the opponent cannot return it correctly. Although a racket and a ball are used, Nadal himself could not perform as in tennis.

Sepak Takraw

The sepak takraw game is based primarily on the Chinese game cùjú, similar to Japanese kemari. This sport was originally imported with the first commercial relationship, so by the early 15th century it was already popular in Malaysia and Thailand. At that time, it was called (sepak) takraw in Thailand, and sepak raga “liana” in Malay. It was played mainly by men and boys, forming a circle and kicking the ball from one side to the other. The other side.

November 4, 2020

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