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Respected like no other, Pierluigi Collina earned his place in world football and a role that was never seen in a referee. The importance of this man was so great that he was part of the cover of one of the most famous soccer games, Pro Evolution Soccer from the Konami company , in which today he is Messi . Join me to learn the story of the best referee in all of history.

The Birth of Fair Play

Designated by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) as the best referee of all time, Pierluigi Collina is considered the most personal and charming referee among all those who stepped on the football field. The way he speaks to the players in each game, the expression in his eyes and face, his self-confidence and his professionalism on the pitch make Collina a referee loved by the fans and respected by the referees. Strict or reconciled, but always following fair and strict rules, he imposed punishment on the most sought-after players in the world and in the most important stadiums .

Always Close To The Round

Currently, Pierluigi Collina continues to join the European football community as an advisor to the Italian Association of Football Referees and becomes a member of the Referees Committee of the European Football Association.

The World Referee

In addition to participating in the 1998 World Cup in France or the 2000 European Championship, he also participated in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic final and the 1999 Champions Cup final. His most recognized refereeing was the 2002 World Cup final. between Germany and Brazil. In 2003, he published the book “My Game Rules.” What football has taught me in life ”, speaking of the importance of respecting the rules as one of the basic values ​​in life. He has won numerous awards and is considered the best referee of all time.


Pierluigi Collina is an excellent communicator who lectures on how to make key decisions in seconds or how to exercise leadership by becoming loved and respected first. He speaks Italian, English, French and Spanish.

November 27, 2020

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