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When you talk about skilled players, you talk about Lionel Messi, Neymar and many others who are standing out in world football. However, in Brazil the name of a Venezuelan player is being heard a lot, who is dazzling with his magic. His name is Yeferson Soteldo, his height is 1.60m but his future is incalculable. Let’s learn about the history of this compatriot who stands out in the Venezuelan national team and in Santos de Brasil playing in one of the best stadiums in the world.

Its Venezuelan Roots

Caracas is not the best place to live today. Social protests towards the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro have made the Venezuelan country a somewhat unsafe place to live. Deaths, violence and inhumane conditions have caused Venezuelans to leave the country in search of opportunities, some with more luck than others. Footballers, for example, can be considered among the lucky ones.

Death Up Close

For the now Venezuelan soccer star player to break it in Brazil, he had to go through several stairs. The death of his mother, indiscipline and insecurity were some of them that, if it were not for Noel Sanvicente, as he himself has said, would not have made sense. Sometimes life presents you with angels to take care of you from all evil.

Caracas FC

At the age of 13, he began his journey with the ‘ball’. Playing for the team in his neighborhood, he was “looked at” by members of a professional club, which allowed him to reach one of the most popular clubs in his country: Caracas FC. Although it seemed like the chance of his life, Soteldo did not do it well and his bad behavior forced the leadership to end his contract. The first obstacle that life put him.


The years passed; meanwhile Yefferson devoted herself fully to her studies and to his mother. And after so much waiting, a new opportunity ended up arriving. This time he could not fail. In a call for a regional team, Sanvicente became convinced that he could be seeing a future star from his country. He had to be empowered in one way or another. ‘Chita’ took him to Zamora and ended up saving the race.

A Saint on the Rise

After the blessed hand of Noel Sanvicente, the career of the now ’10’ of Santos (yes, the same one that Neymar and Pelé used) only went up. At the age of 16 he made his debut for Zamora FC and, at the age of two, a life surprise came to him. He would have a son with his wife Elianny Jiménez. Although it seems something inconsequential within his sports career, his birth marked a milestone for football lovers. The boy’s name would be Thiago Mateo. Why? Easy, the children of his idol, Lionel Messi, wear the same.

La Vinotinto

Later, and although he still did not appear for the senior team, one of the greatest illusions of his life came to him. Yes, Soteldo can show chest that he is world runner-up. With the Vinotinto, which still did not qualify for a World Cup for seniors, he was able to afford to reach the U-20 final, where he lost to England.


Now, and after a stint in Chilean soccer where he was a figure in Huachipato –his compatriot Rómulo Otero had also done it there–, he was ‘pulled’ by Jorge Sampaoli to be part of the Brazilian project of the former coach of the Argentine team. There, with the ’10’, he has left on the substitute bench, nothing more and nothing less, than the Peruvian Christian Cueva, who has a headache to enter the scores of his coach.

With 21 years and a career that lacks a lot of travel, Soteldo can afford to have gone through everything, a little. From insecurity to glory in less than ten years. And recognizing that sometimes the greatest blessings come from efforts that one makes. He once said that if it weren’t for football he would be dead. Perhaps, he is the real responsible.

February 11, 2021

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