It has been said that in Europe fans are less “roaring” than our brave bars, but I do not agree with that statement.

In Europe they have known how to stop the most exalted, the violent, the whole environment was controlled and therefore the stadiums are more friendly to people, the stands are open and most of the hobbies are family.

This in many fields of our beloved South America is today science fiction.

What changes must we face as a society?

What sanctions or closings of fields should occur?

Until when are we going to allow things like the one that happened in 2000 with Alexander Rondón, a Caracas player attacking a Tachire fan?

They are not things that escape our day to day, passion is precious, as long as it is governed by respect and non-violence.

All these reflections come up in this article.

The world soccer past made it clear to us where the level of South America is, where only URUGUAY (fourth place) and BRAZIL (fifth place) washed their faces a little.

Recall that France was the winner, Croatia second and Belgium third.

The necessary social revolution begins by giving values ​​to our children, learning to respect rivals, avoiding any form of violence and encouraging better people and athletes.

It is a long way, but if we do not start walking it, we will never reach the goal.

Video created by the channel: Futbol La Pasion


September 23, 2019