That’s right, soccer is one of the sports that most people see in the world, a show worthy of study.

Goals are the maximum expression on the field of play, we have exciting games full of great plays, rivalry and end in a draw to zero, due to which many fans do not consider the show seen as positive.

And conversely, the same thing happens, two unbalanced teams with bulky results and of course, the victorious fans cheer him on, when the show was really bad.

Subjectivity in the face of a massive event is what one does not usually have, more if possible, if one is a fan of one of the contestants.

Wikipedia tells us about the word Gol:

“A goal (from the English goal; goal, objective) is the fact of scoring a goal or point that is the objective of the game in various sports. The team or participant that scores the most goals is considered the winner of the match.
It is also said that the term arises from the British goal whose meaning is “limit” and some etymologists affirm that it means obstacle and that it comes from goals (archaic English), any of these definitions can serve since associating it with the sport everything has a meaning; goal: score and win the match, limit: pass the wide line and thus win the point, and obstacle: go over it and get the score. ”

In it, in the goal, many have found glory and many others the most frustrating defeat.

But one thing is clear: never give up, never go back.

10 Goals That Surprised The World For Soccer And Curves

September 26, 2019