Latin America is full of excellent soccer players. We can mention Lionel Messi in Argentina , Neymar in Brazil, Luis Suárez in Uruguay. Peru is not left out of the list, with a player who earned his place among the best in the world. With you, Paolo Guerrero.

Lima, cradle of crack.

José Paolo Guerrero Gonzales is a Peruvian footballer who has played for the Peruvian national team and the Bundesliga . He was born in the province of Lima, Peru, on January 1, 1984, especially in the Chorrillos region. His parents Petronila Gonzales Ganoza and José Guerrero grew up in the Peruvian capital.

His first step, Alianza Lima.

As a footballer, Paolo Guerrero joined the small division of the “blue and white club” Alianza Lima at the age of seven, and the director of his school, Constantino Carvallo Rey, worked with him. He was the person who sponsored him during his time at the Alianza Lima club, and the opportunity to provide him with a scholarship during his cooperation with the Los Reyes Rojos school, as did he and his partner Jefferson Farfán. The same. However, the two team transits are different. In 2001, Paolo Guerrero was promoted from a small division to first place due to his outstanding performance, although unlike Farfán, he never had the opportunity to play in an official game.

Bayer Munich, new house.

A year later, in 2002, Bayern Munich took an interest in Guerrero and put him to the test to see if he could join them. Despite the approval, the legal conflict between Bayern Munich and the Alianza Lima club was quickly resolved. In this way, Paolo Guerrero with the Bayern Munich jersey, entered the German soccer Zurich third division, the jersey will become the division champion at the end of May 2004.

An unexpected departure.

After this achievement, Paolo Guerrero will play in the First Division in the coming years, he managed to score ten goals in the Bundesliga (German Soccer League), and scored two more goals in the Champions League. In 2006, Paolo Guerrero terminated his contract with Bayern Munich and began playing for Hamburg, and signed a contract with the new club for the next four years.
That same year, in the game against Bayer Leverkusen, he scored two goals for the new team. Although injuries prevented him from participating in certain games, this success quickly overshadowed him and he was relegated to the bench for most of the rest of the season. However, in the end he managed to score three more goals, one of which was with his previous team Bayern Munich, which was defeated 2-1 and excluded from the Champions League. Neither more nor less to one of the best archers in history, his former partner Oliver Khan.

The chosen one.

In the following season, Paul Guerrero scored 9 goals in 29 of 34 Bundesliga games. As a result, he became Hamburg’s starter and the league’s third leading scorer, second only to Rafael van der Waart and Iveka Olic. After scoring 5 goals in UEFA qualifying, Paul became the forward of choice for Hamburg manager Martin Jol. The latter even claimed that their star couldn’t even catch a cold before the season ended.

Going to Brazil.

For 2010, Paolo Guerrero was fined and punished for reacting to an attack by a fan by throwing a bottle of water in his face. Even so, he scored five consecutive goals in the eleventh Bundesliga, surpassing the feat of the mythical German Uwe Seeler (Uwe Seeler). Two years later, Paul received invitations from Valencia of Spain and Corinthians of Brazil, chose the latter and joined them at the Club World Cup. After playing for Corinthians for three years, he led the team to the Brazilian League Championship in 2013 and surpassed Carlos Tevez’s comment as a foreign scorer in the Paulista League. Paolo Guerrero decided to join Flamengo Brasil.

Peruvian Selection.

In the national team, he began competing during the Bolívar Games in Ecuador, and in 2004 in Chile before the U23 Olympic Championships. Despite this participation and prestige in the international team, Paul was not selected until 2004 when he made his debut in the match against Bolivia. In 2007, he was the best player in the national team and reached the quarterfinals of the 2007 Copa América. Four years later, the Peruvian team finished third in the 2011 Copa América, scoring 5 goals in five games. Four years later, in 2015, he will become the top scorer in the Chilean National Cup, once again making his team third on the podium. In the end, after successfully participating in the World Cup qualifiers, Peru successfully qualified for the 2018 World Cup in Russia; Guerrero was found benzoylecgonine in a medical examination which prevented participation in the game due to sanctions from FIFA.

September 28, 2020

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