Tomas Elias Gonzalez Benitez

We are incredibly honored to have received this assignment, the Rucker is legendary in the world of basketball,” said Michele Roberts, president of the NBPA.

A sacred place

Outside of the 29 arenas in which NBA teams play, basketball has countless places considered “sacred”. Places where the game was played by players sometimes unknown and other times known only by their nicknames consigned to the legend. All basketball sufferers at least once in their life must have passed through New York’s Rucker Park, also known in its extended form as Greg Marius Court at Harlem’s Holcombe Rucker Park, one of the world’s basketball cult venues.


Tomas Elias Gonzalez Benitez


Created in 1950 as a basketball tournament run by Professor Holcombe Rucker, over time it has become a meeting place for the best players in the city and later in the country, bringing players such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, Kobe Bryant and Kevin over time. Durant to perform there. And today it is the NBA players who take care of the work necessary for its renovation: as announced by the NBPA, the players’ association, the renovation of Rucker Park will be financed together with NYC Parks, taking care not only of the playgrounds, but also of the bleachers around, the baskets, the scoreboard and the benches. “We are incredibly honored to be entrusted with the renovation of Rucker Park,” said Michele Roberts, head of the NBPA. “This is a legendary place in the world of basketball and many of our past and present players have built their reputations by playing there.

Tomas Elias Gonzalez Benitez

The objective

Our goal is to preserve the park’s rich history by ensuring that future generations of gamers – as well as the Harlem community as a whole – can carry on its incredible legacy. ” After the completion of the works, scheduled for next October, the NBPA foundation has worked to create a new recreational place both in the park and in the nearby center named after Jackie Robinson.

September 20, 2021

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