Yes, not everything is going to be hardship, sport is a source of health, good habits, companionship, struggle, defeat and of course, victory.

It is in this last part where we are going to focus, when the team is united, where what happens in the locker room is sometimes much more relevant to the final result, than what happens on the court.

Because good attunement, well-tuned heads with common interests (winning matches) without quarrels, making the group roar together, always make that team a winner.

I work for the coach, the conductor who acts as a father, boss, friend, mentor, colleague and policeman, in a constant balance between glory and the deepest abyss.

Youth is always a great ally, it naturally gives an energy and a state of belonging to the group, which psychologists know well how to promote, there are many studies on it.

Finally, the joy, that which is carried under the tension of the competition, under a layer of contained emotions that explode, explode when the goal arrives, when the game ends and your team is the winner, everything
It comes to the surface, with unmatched strength.

Thanks to the work of RedConectate, for compiling this video compilation of dances in football.

Pure joy

September 20, 2019