Messi al city

The world of soccer is paralyzed. After saying goodbye to the Champions League with a colossal 8-2 win against Bayern Munich, Lionel Messi revealed that he is also saying goodbye to Barcelona, ​​after 20 years at the club.

The decision is made.

Messi al city

The best player in the world was very disappointed and would have already informed his closest people of his decision to leave the Catalan team. “Never was Lio so determined to leave as this time, difficult for us to convince him to stay,” revealed a person close to the Argentine star.

The end of Messi’s contract with Barcelona is in June 2021, and Guardiola’s powerful team has already set their eyes on him. Manchester City has the offer ready for 115 million euros.

The Argentine duo.

Messi y Aguero en el city

Sergio Agüero in recovery, he is already more happy than excited about the confirmed news. Messi and Agüero would be the main pillars of Pep’s attack. Relationship that for a long time was seen coming to repeat. They get together again, that pair of crack who won everything with a Barcelona, ​​that today, will not be the same without Messi.

Under Guardiola’s leadership, Messi and Barcelona won 14 championships in four seasons. In the last 9 years, Barcelona won a Champions League, in the 2014-2015 season. With Luis Enrique at the helm eliminating Guardiola’s Bayer in the semifinals, defeating Juventus in Berlin in the final.

From sweet dreams to the worst nightmare.

Messi al city

Barcelona’s dream, repeatedly for Pep Guardiola to return to Spain, today becomes his worst nightmare. Not only that the DT would not return but the Argentine leaves the club and meets the coach dressed in light blue and hungry for glory.

August 25, 2020

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