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As a sports journalist with a passion for soccer, I love writing about skilled players such as Karim Benzema or Messi with their unique skills. Especially if he is Latin American. I have the pleasure of telling you the story of one of the most outstanding Ecuadorians in world football, with you Gonzalo Plata.

Beginnings Of A Star

Gonzalo Plata was only five years old when he fled his hometown. With the help of the neighbors, without the consent of his mother, he appeared in a training course organized by the Rocafuerte FC club in Guayaquil one morning in 2005, looking for new talents. Little Gonzalo’s magnificent abilities and skills appealed to the coaches. In practice, he scored 3 goals and was selected to integrate the “cement” team building department.

From Fear To Joy

Her mother Mónica Jiménez felt fear and despair because she did not know the whereabouts of her son. I waited at home for him to scold him. But when she found out that he was chosen by Rocafuerte, she had no choice but to release her anger and congratulate him. The coach spoke to him and asked him to support him because he was so talented. Monica refused to do so because she was worried about him dropping out, but they insisted that she agree to take him to practice every day.

Sporting De Lisboa

That was the beginning of rapid professional development. Plata is the undisputed holder of the Ecuadorian team, he played for the South American under-20 team in Chile, he will play for Sporting Lisbon (Portugal), where Cristiano Ronaldo developed professionally. The club won the sports rights for 2024 and set its buyout clause at $ 68.7 million.

Gonzalo Plata was born to play soccer. Those who saw him grow up on L Street between the ages of 24 and 19 in the Guayaquil suburbs remember that he kicked what he found on the road from a very young age. The shoes he wears to school can only be worn for a maximum of one month. And notebooks always run out of paper, because I tore them to make paper balls. The slippers they bought him for the newspaper broke after a few hours.

Efforts With Rewards

Despite the family’s financial limitations, Monica managed to patiently absorb these episodes. She knows that her son will become a professional soccer player and help them succeed by doing what she loves. Bryan Quinteros Jiménez is Gonzalo’s brother. He and his mother took turns taking him to train. They must take three buses to get to the Rocafuerte building. Today, he feels that the effort is worth it. Remember, one of the most exciting moments for the family occurred in Medellín (Colombia) when Gonzalo was 12 years old and scored the “Messi” goal for Ecuador in the Pony Soccer Championship.


Future House in Barcelona?

Before signing him to Sporting, Plata had an offer to join FC Barcelona. An agent from the Catalan club visited Independiente del Valle’s facilities last December to ask about the young midfielder.

March 11, 2021

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