I just discovered an article that collected some of the most used Latin soccer terms and that have already been incorporated and recognized internationally.

Although, as in most sports, many of its expressions come from the Anglo-Saxon language, some words have also become popular and, although they may sound a bit peculiar, they have already been incorporated into numerous journalistic entries around the world.

I leave you with some of my favorites:

Nest the ball.

Chilenismo. Score a goal.


Argentinism. Striker striker.

Bottle up.

Argentinism. Press the opponent without letting him play beyond the midfield.


Colombianism. Clearance of the goalkeeper that consists of jumping forward until putting your hands on the grass, and raising your legs in the air until hitting the ball with your heels.


Mexicanism. Form of animation of the public consisting of gradually raising the audience from the seats in an anticlockwise direction. It emerged at the World Championship held in Mexico in 1986.


Argentinism. Popularized by Diego Armando Maradona, which consists of hitting the ball by crossing the foot behind the support leg.

October 14, 2019