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Diego Maradona, the greatest player of all time, left us physically but he will always be present in the hearts of all Argentines, Neapolitans and soccer lovers. It is an honor for me to be able to write about this person who won the hearts of the most important footballers of all time. He had his time as DT in the World Cup in South Africa in 2014 where Leo Messi was the 10. Diego is at the top of the hall of fame of Argentine sports with Manu Ginobili . With you the D10s of soccer.

The birth of D10S

He has played for the Argentine Junior National Team (1976-1981), Boca Juniors (1981-1982), FC Barcelona (1982-1984), Naples (1984-1991), Seville (1992-1993), New Zealand The Old Boy of Weir (1993) retired again. In Boca Juniors (1995-1997). But his best performance was in the Argentina team, where he participated in 4 World Cups. His outstanding performance in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico earned him the title of albinism. At the Italian World Cup in the 1990s, he won the runner-up by losing to Germany in the final. His international journey ended at the 1994 World Cup in the United States after testing positive for doping control.

Much has been said about Maradona’s way of playing. His dribbling, dribbling speed, strength, hitting precision or leadership, but the best thing is that you can witness it for yourself in this video.

Argentinos Juniors

Maradona has dazzled Al Bigo fans and will be on stage on October 20, 1976, when he was only 15 years old. “Pibe de Oro” played his first game against Talleres de Córdoba, in his first appearance he played against a rival. Maradona was first applauded by the club, but eventually succumbed. In Mar de Plata’s second match, he scored his first goal against San Lorenzo. His influence on Argentine soccer was so great that he was called up by the Argentine team only three months later. On February 27, 1977 he made his debut in the friendly between La Bombonera and Hungary. Diego (Diego) became a star, entrusting the destiny of his career to George (Jorge Czysterpillar). His childhood friend negotiated Maradona’s first major contract, and he will live with his entire family in Paternal,a few meters from the Estadio de la Juventud Argentina.

Boca Juniors and the 1982 World Cup in Spain

A year ago, his anti-Xeneizes exhibition made Boca Juniors and River Plate compete for the signature of the “Pibe de Oro”. Despite the lower fees, Maradona chose to play at Bombonera. After a strange negotiation, Boca was able to sign Fluff despite serious financial problems. In his first and only year, Maradona scored 28 goals in 40 games and was hailed as the Mets champion. It was not in the national championship, he fell in the quarterfinals against Vélez. His confrontation with the coach Silvio Marzolini and the pressure of the fans made Maradona last only one year.

Maradona played his last game in Boca in February 1982 to be able to focus on the Argentine team. On the 10th he participated in his first World Cup in Spain, although things did not get the expected results. Argentina lost to Belgium 1-0 in the first game, but will be eligible to enter the second stage after beating Hungary and El Salvador. Diego will score his only two goals against Magnus. The defeats against Italy (2-1) and Brazil (3-1) caused the withdrawal of the Albiceleste from the semifinals. Maradona, the fruit of Yang’s announcement, was sent off in the last match after a fierce attack on Batista, ending the match.

Maradona en Barcelona

After the World Cup, Diego will remain in Spain after signing for FC Barcelona as an official referee. Barcelona paid 1,200 million pesetas for the Argentine Pass, which became the most expensive contractual transaction at that time. Maradona made his first appearance in an official match, scoring against Valencia, although he fell after 13 matches. He was diagnosed with hepatitis, so he couldn’t play for three months. He missed 14 league games and the Cup Winners’ Cup qualifying rounds and Barcelona were eliminated. His disagreement with the coach and the team’s poor results led to the dismissal of Udo Lattek and the hiring of César Luis Menotti.

Maradona’s lost Barcelona ranked fourth, six points behind the leader. However, these schools will eventually win two championships with eternal opponents. Barcelona won 2-1 in the Copa del Rey final in Zaragoza, and shortly after the League Cup final, Barcelona won 2-1. In the latter, Maradona scored 2 goals, one of which was memorable and included the cheers of the Santiago Bernabéu.

La temporada 1983-84 empezó mal ante Maradona, que se lesionó en la cuarta jornada de Liga ante el Athletic. El jugador fue sacado de camilla con una fractura de tobillo tras una dura entrada de Andoni Goikoetxea. Esta parece ser una lesión más grave, pero Diego solo reapareció después de tres meses y medio. Solo puede jugar 16 partidos de liga, marcar 11 goles y ocupar el tercer lugar en la clasificación. Maradona no pudo alzarse con el título de Liga, pero sí llegó a la final de la Copa del Rey por segunda vez consecutiva. Al frente estaba el Athletic Club Goikoetxea, que volvió a Maradona en un partido muy apretado y terminó con un final trágico. El equipo deportivo ganó 1-0 y una feroz batalla lamentable terminó el juego. Maradona atacó al atleta de pista y campo Miguel Ángel Sola, y los jugadores de ambos equipos quedaron empatados ante los ojos de Reyes y España.

After the scandal, several players were sanctioned and Maradona was sanctioned for a three-month suspension. The verdict marked the end of Maradona in Spain and inspired President José Luis Núñez to accept the invitation from Naples, Italy. Diego felt that he was not protected by the club, the cruelty of Spanish football and the referee. Barcelona is also not satisfied with the life of the Argentines off the field. In fact, Fluff continued to spend the night in Barcelona, ​​leading him to flirt with drugs for the first time. Maradona played a total of 58 games for Barcelona and scored 38 goals.

Italy, Naples the new sky of D10S.

Maradona arrived in Naples in exchange for 1,185 million pesetas. The deal was officially announced on the yacht of the President of Naples, Corrado Ferlaino. Santiago paid tribute to the crowd on July 5, 1984, after which the São Paulo Stadium exploded. Maradona came to a team that had just avoided relegation on the last day, but promised without hesitation that he would win the Serie A championship. His signature is not only football, Naples represents the opposition between the poverty of the South and the mighty team of the North. Maradona prefers to lead a humble club rather than join a historic and winning club. His involvement in the city allowed him to organize a charity match on a muddy field without the consent of the club.

His first year in Naples was very discreet. After the bad first round, the team allowed geniuses and geniuses to adapt to Calcio. Naples ranked eighth, Maradona completed 14 goals this season. Ferlaino decided to promote this project and accompany Maradona to participate more and more in the club. In the 1985/86 season came forward Giordano (Giordano) and Napoli (Napoli) ranked third in the UEFA Cup. On the other hand, Maradona began to understand the peculiarities of life in Naples. He’s so beloved that he can’t even eat out, although that doesn’t stop him from splurging on all kinds of luxury items. The media began to associate him with Camorra, Italy, and replaced his representative and friend Czycycloiller with Guillermo Coppola (Guillermo Cóppola).

The Hand of D10S and a match that tastes of revenge.

After the 82nd World Cup, Maradona has not played for Argentina for three years. Carlos Salvador Bilardo replaced Menotti and hopes to build a strong team with players who only play in the local league. In 1985, Fluffy was captain again, ready to help the white breeders qualify for the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. Argentina advanced on the final day and Careca scored a goal against Peru. The criticisms of Biraldo and Maradona are harsh, but they will become world champions.

In Mexico, Maradona led the Albiceleste in an irreplaceable display. In the first stage, he gave 3 assists on his debut against South Korea, scored a goal against Italy and got another assist against Bulgaria. Argentina won first place and will face Uruguay in 16 rounds. Legal goals were prohibited and, although he did not score, he is the best player in Argentina. In the quarterfinals, Argentina and England will play more than one match. The Falkland Islands War that began four years ago marked a historic political party.

That hot afternoon, Argentina wore a legendary bright blue alternate jersey. Maradona was very motivated and solved the match with two talents. In the 51st minute, he took advantage of a poor clearance to lead Shilton and score. But just four minutes after “La Mano de Dios”, Maradona made history again with an unparalleled goal. Fluff walked through the midfield to avoid the rival, knocked out the British goalkeeper and scored the “Goal of the Century”. The Argentine team won 2-1, and the hairy Diego is still the god of the Argentines. In the semifinals, Maradona played another double play against Belgium (2-0), leading the idiot to the final. In the face of RFA, Diego did not score, but the final assistance meant 3-2 and the World Cup in Argentina. Maradona realized his childhood dream and took the World Cup to a new level. For many,he has surpassed the mythical Pelé to become the best player of all time.

94 ‘World Cup – “They cut off my legs”

After leaving Sevilla, Maradona did not have a team despite negotiations with him to return to Argentine football. On September 5, 1993, Diego went to the memorial to witness the World Cup qualifiers between Argentina and Colombia. The coffee growers won a historic 0-5, which forced the Albiceleste team to play a passing role in the play-offs or play-offs with Australia. The disastrous defeat of the national team led the stadium and the press to demand the return of Maradona.

The president of the AFA, Julio Grondona, and coach Alfio Basile finally persuaded Diego, and Diego had to prepare to return home. The Argentine star was recruited from a farm and strictly controlled his diet in morning and afternoon training. Maradona lost 15 kg and rushed to Sydney in time to become the captain of the first round. Fluff left many details for his return and assisted in a match that ended in a draw. In Buenos Aires, Argentina won the match with a 1-0 victory over Batistuta and won the 1994 World Cup.

Maradona returned to excite Argentina and signed the old man from Newell. However, its path through leprosy is not extensive. He has only participated in 5 official matches and did not score. Fluff no longer has a team, even though he trained for the United States World Cup. Argentina has an excellent team and is one of the favorites to win matches. In their debut, the Albiceleste beat Greece 4-0 with an outstanding goal from Maradona.

The Argentine captain will help again in his last World Cup match, defeating Nigeria 2-1. At the end of the game, he underwent an anti-doping test, which found five banned substances: ephedrine, norephedrine, pseudoephedrine, norpseudoephedrine, and metaephedrine. FIFA suspended him for 15 months and he had to leave Argentina. Diego pleaded not guilty in a statement attacking FIFA and said: “They cut off my legs.”

The ball does not get dirty

During the suspension, Maradona began his coaching career. He did not perform well as an assistant at Deportivo Manduyú or as a head coach at Racing. Months passed from his sanctions, and his fantasy was to play football and coach Boca. But his old enemy in Boca, Silvio Marzolini, led foreigners who did not want to replace him. In the end, Maradona left his position as coach and focused on regaining his form to return to Bombonera after 14 years. His official return date was October 7, 1995, against Colonia de Santa Fe. Boca saw Maradona more decadent, could lose 5 consecutive penalties, and will retire from the field for 11 months before returning. His legend will end on October 25, 1997 in the Super Krasico duel against River.The young Juan Román Riquelme (Juan Román Riquelme) replaced the fluff at halftime and announced his retirement on the day he was 37 years old. In the second stage of Boca he played 31 games and scored 7 goals.

After retiring, Maradona waited more than four years before saying goodbye to the game. It was a match between the Argentine team and the star team in La Bombonera on November 10, 2001. After the match, the emotional Maradona will give a historic speech, which will end with the following phrase: “I was wrong, I paid, but the ball didn’t stains ”.


Over the years, Maradona struggled with addiction to drugs, drugs, and alcohol, ultimately making his health and the last years of his life even heavier. In November 2020, he underwent surgery to remove the subdural hematoma from his head. A few weeks later, on November 25, he died at his residence in Buenos Aires, where he was recovering from cardiac and respiratory arrest.

December 18, 2020

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