Last December we met the final pairings for the Copa América (47 edition). The CONMEBOL Copa América will have 38 matches and will begin on June 12.

La Vinotinto will play the group stage in Colombia

The countries were divided by zones and the draw revealed that group A corresponds to the south (Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay) and group B (Colombia, Brazil, Qatar, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru) to the north. Regarding the invited teams, Australia fits in A and Qatar in B. The opening match will be played between Argentina and Chile at the Monumental; and Colombia will debut against Ecuador at the Campín Stadium in Bogotá.

Venezuela in the group stage

Venezuela will face Brazil in its first match, on June 14, in Cali (Colombia). The second meeting is scheduled for June 17 against one of the hosts, Colombia (Pascual Guerrero, Cali). The third date is June 22, against Ecuador in Bogotá. The fourth match, against Qatar, will be played on June 28 in Cali. The last meeting of the group stage will be against Peru, in Cali, on July 1. The five matches of this phase will be played in the coffee country.

The quarterfinals of the Copa América

The quarterfinals are divided as follows:

1: The first of group B in front of the room of group A. Barranquilla. July 4th.

2: The second from group B versus the third from group A. Cali. July 4th.

3: The first of group A in front of the room of group B. Buenos Aires. July 5th.

4: The second from group A versus the third from group B. La Plata. July 5th.

The definitive crosses

The semifinal will be played on July 8.

Winner 1 vs. Winner 2 in Medellín.

Winner 3 vs. winner 4 in Córdoba.

Third place will be contested on July 11 in Bogotá.

Finally, Barranquilla will host the final on July 12.


It is the first time in history that the Copa América has been played in two countries. The objective of the Venezuelan National Team is to advance to the semifinals, a round that has not yet been reached in the oldest national team competition in the world.


December 23, 2019