Football is under minimums, they do not have help from the authorities, that is the reality in practically all countries and wherever you look.

Our passion makes things work, precariously, disorderly, in the way of each individual and of course, that ultimately brings more discussions than joys.

We must demand more collaboration from regional governments, local governors and society in general, sport brings great benefits.

The boys learn values, friendship, respect for the rules, for authority (the referee) by the people who follow them in the stands. They play sports and stay healthy.

We must fight to obtain financing in the neighborhoods, so that the kids continue without crime, so that they are excited about sports, it is our responsibility as a society to think about the future.

The Paria Sport Club of Caracas, back in 2016 I traveled to Spain with the children’s team and they discovered
the situation of grassroots football in that country, of course, the differences are so great, but they are hungry to grow and knowing that, with effort and work, someday they could reach Europe thanks to sport.

Abroad, there are initiatives to integrate our boys into their soccer. In Colombia, we have a soccer school called Sin Límites para Triunfar, in Barranquilla.


September 11, 2019

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