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A whole life dedicated in body and soul to sport and in particular to the soccer, especially to the South American sport.


My name is Thomas and I’m a sports & business journalist

I have been working for more than 20 years and I am involved in sports economics, in particular football. I created an online magazine, “MarketingSport”, where I analyze all the business
that revolves around it, through analysis and statistics.
South American sports are my workhorse, and I will accompany you to discover this fantastic world.

30000 +

Live radio hours

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TV hours

10000 +

Soccer minutes on the pitch


In 2000, when I started dealing with this sector, we started talking about the economy and sports management, especially in terms of television rights. I was the first journalist to perceive the importance of this world, investing heavily in personal capacity.
At that time, the sphere of sponsorship and management in sports business was gaining momentum.
When I started writing, the category of journalists had not yet paid adequate attention to this phenomenon. For this reason, I would say that I am in fact the “father” of this journalistic streak in Venezuela. What I have been doing since then is to build a sports management culture in Venezuela.
Until the 1990s, box office and sponsorship, especially knitwear, were the first revenue for sports clubs. Since the mid-1990s, in the world of soccer, TV rights overwhelmingly came first, leaving sponsorship on the second podium. In other sports, on average, television rights are the second element, leaving the first one occupied by sponsorship.
However, since the late 1990s, many things have changed.
In short, the advent of LED Perimeter Rotors has paved the way for a host of previously impossible sponsorship possibilities, such as offering real ad stories on the sidelines.
The evolution is undoubtedly in multimedia and in the ability to create content that can make the sporting experience more attractive, inside and outside the stadium. Another essential frontier is also that of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), that is, in the construction of profiled databases in which clubs must invest; It is there that companies will have the opportunity to meet the needs and requirements of their fans and, consequently, find new sponsors or retain already acquired ones.
To better build these databases, sports club marketing will need to do its best to work on solutions to collect and monetize this information. If Venezuelan clubs do not move in this direction, international clubs that already operate in this way will increasingly expand their fan base, gaining ground and subtracting from our national realities, which will be increasingly linked to the mood of competitive performance.
Precisely due to the delay with which our country is moving compared to the foreign sports entertainment system, in Venezuela there is a great space for growth.
Outside, the club arenas are designed to accommodate the multimedia content from which it is necessary to move today. An excellent example of the many that come from abroad is that of the Bernabéu in Madrid, which has been modernized piece by piece to allow the adoption of these dynamics.
Today, this technological and infrastructure gap is likely to widen; The Venezuelan sports system must meet these trends without pursuing an old future, with delayed interventions that bring Venezuelan companies closer to the present without being able to fulfill it.
Thanks to the support of friends, colleagues and readers, I have convinced myself to land on the web and share my passion with millions of other enthusiasts around the world.
I would like to convey my desire to share with all of you how sports and soccer in particular fill me and get me out of my seat every day.

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