New season of Venezuelan Baseball. Lions, Boaters, Tigers, Braves, Caribs, Cardinals, Eagles and Sharks will be measured again to determine which team will be the next champion of the 2019-2020 season that is played in tribute to Jesús “Chivita” Lezama, historical member of Leones del Caracas.


The emotion, visible in many of the baseball fans, although in others there is some uncertainty due to the sanctions received. The Creole teams hope that the fans enjoy it to the fullest and that the level experienced in the stadiums is very positive.


The season that we start 2019-2020 brings a very important difference to the rest and is the duration of the calendar. In Venezuela, 63 games were played per team and the season began in October. The teams of the Venezuelan Professional Besibol League (Lvbp) agreed to reduce the number of matches to one
total 42.

In the month of July when Juan José Ávila was president of the Lvbp. We were surprised by resigning from the presidency on September 5, just two weeks after the MLB prohibited all its players from coming to Venezuela to become part of Creole baseball.

Giuseppe Palmisano, assumed the presidency of the league with the objective of “mediating, reconciling and representing the interests of the Lvbp, made up of the eight teams, against Major League Baseball (MLB).

In this season will we have foreign players?

This was a great question to which an absolute yes can be answered today since since October and as many have been able to know through different media, there are many players who have reached different teams.


The season begins with the following commitments:

Tigres vs Leones en Caracas.


Bravos vs Navegantes en Valencia.


Águilas vs Cardenales en Barquisimeto.


Tiburones vs Caribes en Puerto La Cruz.


November 25, 2019