Tomas Elias Gonzalez Benitez

He won the Copa Libertadores, the Champions League, the World Cup, the Copa América and the Ballon d’Or; he conquered the planet with his magic and the joy of playing soccer, demonstrating his skills in the best stadiums in the world. One of the best soccer players in all history, companion and great friend of Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho Gaúcho.

Birth of the Jogo Bonito

Ronaldinho was born on March 21, 1980 in Porto Alegre, State of Rio Grande, Brazil. The son of João de Assis Moreira and Doña Miguelina Elói Assis dos Santos. His father and his brother Roberto are soccer players. Part of his training is famous for the death of his father, who drowned in a swimming pool. Ronaldinho took the first step in a futsal match, during which he managed to maximize his abilities. He subsequently became a low-level member of the Gremio de Porto Alegre, and debuted in the first team at age 17. His brother Roberto hung up his boots and became his manager.

A Brazilian Gaucho

They renamed him “Ronaldinho Gaucho” because he comes from southern Brazil, close to Argentina and Uruguay, where cattle ranchers are called gauchos. Ronaldinho was the champion and top scorer of the 1997 U-17 World Youth Championship in Egypt. He won the U17 World Cup with the Brazilian U17 National Team and was named best scorer and best player. His major league debut was against Latvia on June 26, 1999. Along with Ronaldo, he is one of Brazil’s greatest figures, winning the 2002 World Cup five times in Japan and South Korea.

From PSG to Barcelona

In 2001 he arrived in Europe, initially at the French PSG. However, the lack of understanding with coach Luis Fernández, made Manchester United, Real Madrid and FC interested in him in the summer of 2003. Barcelona.

In the summer of 2003 he signed for FC Barcelona. In his ranks, Ronaldinho displayed his best football.

He was named, without question, the best player in the world in 2004. On November 28, 2005, he received the Ballon d’Or, which, according to the “France Football” correspondents, they point out as the best player of the year who plays in Europe, the Most precious object for the Brazilian from Barcelona who remembered all his teammates and who confessed that the award encourages him to continue working to “enter the history of football.”

25 Millons

New FC Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola announced in a speech in June 2008 that there were few players on his squad, including Ronaldinho. After lengthy negotiations between the Catalan club, Manchester City and AC Milan, it was the latter who finally took over the Brazilian transfer at a price of 25 million euros.

On July 18, 2008, he was appointed Milan’s new forward assistant at the San Siro stadium. On January 11, 2011, he moved to Flamengo in Rio de Janeiro and announced his signing for Atlético Mineiro on June 4, 2012. On September 5, 2014, Gallos Blancos de Querétaro (Gallos Blancos de Querétaro) of the first team of the The department of Mexico hired his job offer. On July 11, 2015, Ronaldinho signed a contract with Fluminense until 2016.

On September 29, 2015 he left the club. In 2006, he participated in the 2006 Soccer World Cup in Germany and won the bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. On October 17, 2019, he said goodbye in a friendly match between Independencia Santa Fe and National Sports in the Nemesio Camacho ElCampín Stadium. He played in the Santa Fe jersey and number 10 for 75 minutes.

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