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The legendary number 10 jersey is the one worn by the team organizers and the team’s engine. Over time, soccer has changed, and the role of the player or trequeartista has also changed. The numbers 8 and 6 took over, and the rhythm of work was distributed to all the players of the first team 11. It is worth highlighting some of these such as Maradona, Messi, Platini, Zidane, Ronaldinho, Del Piero, Roman, Totti, Pele, Zico to name a few.

Although it is difficult to compare players from different eras, these types of historical rankings help to see the sport from one perspective and to recognize the influence of certain soccer players on contemporary fans and throughout the years.


Probably the best scorer in history. Although his body is different from professional soccer and some deviations from it today, he was still a prominent star in the 1950s, and Brazil wowed the world. Although he has recorded more than 1,000 goals throughout his career, he may not have jumped across the pond, but he has to face the best players in Europe.

2. Maradona

One of the best footballers of all time. Maradona made the fans happy at the stadium, led Napoli through the most glorious stage in its history and was declared world champion by Argentina. I still remember his goal, as if he had scored it yesterday. He has many fans all over the world and in Argentina he has reached the level of God.

3. Michel Platini

As a skilled player, Platini won the Ballon d’Or three times in his career. The French footballer is full of vision of the game and can make the best decision every time he plays, an admirable skill. France led by Platini was declared European Champion in 1984. Great icon of the moment, who even allowed herself the luxury of launching her own clothing line “number 10”. His subsequent career in law firms is already known.

4. Roberto Baggio

Roberto Baggio was not a classic 1st in Football, but throughout his career, he wore this number with high honors and has become the benchmark. Il Divin Codino’s skill is enviable, when he scores with the metatarsal and the nose he is a very complete and high-quality player. He was captain of the Italian national team and won the Ballon d’Or in 1993.

5. Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane perfectly showed class and elegance on the court. The French player led his team to the World Championship and led the European champions to compete for the rhythm of dribbling and roulette. His vision of the game is unique and, as one of the best players in history, he is privileged.

6. Ronaldinho

Ronaldinho’s everlasting smile is a happy image to sculpt, and fans will smile every time he catches the ball. Gaucho is a magician with a ball at his feet, during his time at Barcelona he had no rivals and was hailed as the best player in the world. Unforgettable are his dribbles and his free kick charges.

7. Messi

There is almost nothing to say about Leo Messi. The Argentine does incredible things on the court. He broke all the records before him. Messi seemed to surprise us over and over again after you thought you had seen it all.

8. Zico

Zico was named the eighth best soccer player in history by FIFA. The Brazilian played as a hitch, but he has the convenience of seeing both the best passes filtered on the court as well as his shrewd vision of the game and the ability to draw plays on the court.

9. Lothar Matthäus

One of the most talented players produced in Germany is Lothar Matthäus. The German team with him won not only the European club championships and the world championships, but also other club titles. So far, he is a player who has worn the shirt of the German national team more than 150 times.

10. Ferenc Puskás

Ferenc Puskás is considered the creator of the position of 10. The Hungarian is listed as one of the great players in history and one of the best scorers. In fact, the award for the best goal scored during the year bears his name.

April 22, 2021

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