It was a July 16, the day of the Virgen del Carmen, that is the date with the first oral record of the celebration of a football game.

Thanks to the journalistic work of “the Correo del Yuruari“, a weekly publication from the state of Bolívar, he told us that an exhibition of “a sport called foot-ball” organized by an Englishman was held in Caratal
named A.W. SIMPSON….

We could continue with the anecdote, but the truth is that, until well into 1877, “the Courier of the Yuruari” did not begin to have a printed edition on the street, which means that we will accept the oral transmission of the event, but there is no documentary evidence that endorse it.

Yes, there are records of a few years later, specifically 1902, being in the city of Caracas where the first teams began to form, where, with the arrival of immigrants from Europe, especially Spain,

Italy and Portugal would create the first professional Venezuelan soccer tournament.

Six teams made up this tournament:

La Salle
Workers Bank
Spanish Sports
Basque Sports
It was not until two decades later that a true championship would settle in the capital, although their non-categorization made a fair tournament impossible.

1922 the “High Court of Football” was created and 3 years later the National Football Federation.

30 years of ups and downs and changes of name had to pass in different federative compositions until 1951, when the current FVF (Venezuelan Football Federation) was recognized as that
same year by FIFA.

Players of the Caracas BBC pose for a photo in El Cojo Ilustrado

September 19, 2019